Counseling by phone

An initial intake session must be made in person. Simple paperwork is mailed, faxed or emailed to you to be returned for this initial session. An initial intake is one hour in length. We explore your needs and expectations, establish your therapeutic outcomes, and if time permits, begin to accomplish them. After this face to face session, phone appointments can be scheduled. The price is $130/hr. which can be paid by check in advance or at time of service by credit card.

One-on-one counseling

I maintain a private practice in my office in Longmont, Colorado, USA. I work by appointment only. General office hours are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 10am - 6pm ,Friday 9am to 1pm Mountain Time. Many clients who live in other states or countries find they are able increase their benefit by arranging for "intensives". Intensives are arranged in the following ways:

Intensives in Longmont:

1 - Full day (consist of up to, and no more than 6 hours per day. Time is based on client's needs and ability to process). Fee: $780 per day, flat rate.

2 - Two hour segments per day for a determined number of days (three, five, ten) Fee: $260 per segment. Three or four hour segments also available.

You make your own travel and accommodation arrangements. I can provide you with information and accommodation listings.

Travel Intensives:

Many of my clients find it easier to fly me to their areas. My fees for this are $1600 a day, plus expenses.

Rates and Times:

Longmont office $130 hour.
Travel: $1600 day plus all expenses.

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 10am - 6pm,
Friday 9 - 1

Contact Sahna to make your appointment:

Phone: 303-443-0333
Email: Click here to send Sahna an email.

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