When this happens to us, it gets into our system. A physical and emotional memory is created that is easily triggered by any similar event. We repeat the pain over and over again in ways that feel out of our control. We can recognize it, can even talk about it, but cannot change it.

Sometimes we find our thoughts circling some past event. Like a pebble in your shoe can cause pain and unbalance, these unresolved thoughts, feelings, traumas - whatever their source and whatever their size - can distract us from our goals and unbalance our lives.

And... like the pebble... they can also be dropped back into the ground of experience from which they came.

Bringing warmth, humor, and presence that are born of a lifetime of experience, Sahna holds your past in the healing present. She creates a safe place to face where you are now, and discover who you can become. In this healing process, that same ground of experience becomes the fertile source of your growing personal wisdom.

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