"Sahna is a very compassionate and insightful human being, who can very quickly and kindly zero in on the key issues in someone's life. I believe many people will find her an excellent guide for inner transformation."
-Connirae Andreas, Author, Core Transformation, Trainer

"Everyday people call us from all over the world for referrals to qualified NLP Practitioners. Who we choose to refer them to is very important to us since our reputation is on the line with every referral we make. Sahna Carmona has been at the top of our referral list for a long time because we know we can depend on Sahna to deliver consistent the quality, both as a therapist and coach/consultant, that we're counting on. She brings a great depth of experience and a refreshing unpretentious authenticity, whether working by phone or in person".
-NLP Comprehensive

"Sahna is a very rare human being. When we first met, I was immediately impressed by her natural skill and talent for working with people. Her very deep and sincere empathy for others is combined with the ability, simultaneously, to be objective and very professionally helpful. She has the ability to see accurately 'to the core' of issues. She is one of the brightest and most astute psychotherapists I have ever known."
-Dr. Lou Ann Hall, Author, Good News for People Who Hurt

"Sahna Carmona gives physical, emotional, and spiritual presence to the title of Healer."
-Charles Faulkner, NLP author, trainer and creator of Trimurti*


"Working with Sahna has helped me to make some major changes in my life. She has an innate ability to 'ask the right question' or 'share a story' that helps to facilitate change. When working with Sahna it's amazing how quickly I can come to a resolution on an issue that had previously seemed so large and unmanageable. Sahna is very good at checking for and then 'coaching' me to deal with objections that crop up - so I walk away with a strategy that I am actually willing to follow through on."
-S.W., Management Development Consultant, Chicago, IL

As the President of NLP Comprehensive, the preeminent NLP training center in the US, I have my choice of top coaches to work with. I work with Sahna because she consistently delivers the results I want.
-Tom Dotz, President, NLP Comprehensive

"I began working with Dr. Carmona about a year ago for a work-related issue. I had been deeply incongruent about taking a particular job. In one session with Dr. Carmona I was able to resolve that conflict and make a decision. Since then, I have worked with her on a number of other career related issues - most of which resolved in one session. And I am very happy to state that by resolving these issues I have now chosen a career path about which I am deeply congruent, one hundred percent committed and very excited. This kind of congruence is a first in my life and not too late at the age of forty. I wholeheartedly endorse Dr. Carmona's work. Her work is the most effective I have ever encountered.
-Al Wadleigh, Owner, Genesis II


"Sahna is a rare blend of skillful technique and focused precision combined with a warm, compassionate presence. My sessions with her have each produced an immediate and lasting positive result. I highly recommend her."
-Terry Meyer, Singer, Housewife, Mother, Fort Collins, Colorado

"Sahna was my therapist for over 2 years when her practice was in Hawaii. Working with Sahna improved almost all areas of my life. With Sahna's help I now have an inner peace I had never experienced before. I created a successful business doing work I love to do. I experience genuine joy and happiness much more than I ever did in the past. I have been able to make better choices about the people I relate to. My relationships with men are much healthier. I know the fact that I am now happily married to a wonderful man is a direct result of the work I did with Sahna. Sahna, you have been one of the biggest blessings in my life.
-Joanna, Kauai, Hawaii

My sessions with Sahna have allowed for greater ease in living, a much clearer view of who I am, and a generally heightened sense of awareness. Basically, I have shifted to a higher, more joyful state of being.
-Sarah, Longmont, CO

"The session I had with Sahna was totally unexpected. I was surprised at her ability to detect so many things. I took her advice and got on a protocol that has helped me physically and mentally. The changes have been subtle over the past eight weeks, but I do feel better overall. She's genuine and she's very professional in her approach but very personal too. It gave me a warm fuzzy. I would recommend her to family and friends."
- Patricia J Bond, North Carolina

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